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My dad is leaving for socal on Monday. I’m not ready to handle my mom, brother, and dog all by myself… it’s definitely going to be weird without him around that much. But on the bright side, he offered to take me out for pancakes on Thursday before school since I have late start <3

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I had the best time at prom. I wasn’t expecting much out of a high school dance, but my prom group was pretty much the best.

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I’m tired, stressed, and sick… therefore I will not deal with anyone’s bullshit tomorrow/this week/this month/this year/forever.

Ahh, what a wonderful time for spring marching season to start.

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Eyes are all swollen and puffy and gross because I haven’t been able to stop crying since after school.

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My dad is going to get a job offer from a company in Santa Barbara, and my parents are all excited saying “We’ll follow you down to Southern California!!!” I guess it really depends on the company’s offer, but my mom is already starting to go into “time to clean up everything and move” mode.

I don’t like it.

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Instead of pressuring me to make such big decisions so quickly, can we just take a step back and at least celebrate for 24 hours that I got into UCLA? I need time to figure out what I want, and dumping everything on me and expecting me to make a decision in less than an hour is sort of ridiculous.